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Paul Sawh

coach, Tennis coach

I am a beginner Opera student with Miroslaw Grabski. I must say that his lessons are so helpful, detailed and encouraging! He has taught me how to warm-up my voice properly and how to fully utilise my whole body when I'm singing. He is very patient and gives me lots of praise, all the while pointing out errors in my execution and working with me on perfecting the technique. Lastly, his lessons are full of variety and interest. He has taught me many Italian Arias and other more beginner pieces. Overall, I am very satisfied with my progress in learning Opera singing. Thanks so much Miroslaw!

Filip Kwasowiec

physiotherapy student, singer

Hello! I am Filip, and I am a student at Stanisław Staszic High School. After completing the first-level music school on the piano, music became one of my passions. I joined the school choir, where I met Meero. During voice emission and solo singing lessons, I greatly developed my voice, and after a year, I could comfortably sing solo parts in popular songs that posed no challenge for me after practicing arias with Mirek. Recently, my voice, nurtured during lessons with Mirek, was appreciated by the conductor of the Heroes Orchestra, with whom I performed alongside professional musicians at a concert in the Łódź Philharmonic Hall. Therefore, if someone would like to cultivate their passion for singing and gain new perspectives or simply learn how to sing, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mirek as a professional, patient, and friendly teacher.

Michał Dziendzikowski

Scientist, choir singer

Passion, mastery, artistry, but above all, a great sense of humor and warmth. I recommend it to all singing enthusiasts, but not only them. In my case, I noticed the benefits of the lessons even during presentations at seminars and conferences.


Work safety specialist, choir singer

A magnificent voice, high personal culture, professionalism, and the joy of singing. That's exactly what he is. Working on voice emission under Miroslaw Grabski's guidance is a privilege and pure pleasure for me.

Wawrzyniec Mokrogulski

 it specialist, composer, Choir conducting student 

Thanks to lessons with Meero, I've learned how to take care of the beautiful tone of my voice. His feedback allowed me to recognize the mistakes I was making and improve my vocal technique. I also learned one of the key principles in singing – "Good legato should flow like honey.

Małgorzata Serafin

Event manager, marketing specialist, choir singer

Meero is a 100% professional, an excellent motivator, and a wonderful person. He has an enormous gift for imparting knowledge about stage presence, proper breathing, and diction, which makes the voice more free and resonant.

Do you feel anxiety when singing? Mirek will help you overcome it. Thanks to his positive attitude and patience, the lessons take place in a friendly atmosphere.

Mirek teaches how to consciously use your voice and how to bring out the best in it, and as a result, I derive immense pleasure from singing. Voice emission lessons with Mirek are inspiring!

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