Meero Gee

A singer and a vocal coach

Hi, my name is Mirosław Grabski. You can call me Meero Gee. I  graduated from Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw, where I studied solo singing. I also studied singing in Kassel Musik Akademie (Germany). I have been a professional singer for more than 20 years, I gave over 1000 concerts as a choral singer with professional and amateur choirs and many as a soloist. I made more than 100 choral recordings. I work with so many famous musicians like, Krzysztof Penderecki, Simon Rattle, Christopher Hogwood, and many, many others. I have been a member or guest member of professional and amateur choirs and ensembles like: Warsaw Philharmonic Choir, Cracow Chamber Choir, The Warsaw Singers Chamber Choir, Early Music Academy Choir, Ormian Men’s Vocal Ensemble, Musica Men’s Vocal Ensemble, Adoramus Choir, Canticum Gratiorum Choir, Sonus Innumerabiles Choir, Ab Imo Pectore Choir, Capella Chorale Varsaviana and many others. I give workshops and work regularly as a singing coach.

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meero Gee

My goal is to make you sing at your best, using it as the tool for a better and healthier life. I would like to give you the singers who love to sing in a choir and those who love to sing solo, the best knowledge of singing technique and share my experience in a friendly way. Wishing you all the best ,   

Mirosław Grabski (Meero Gee)