Learn the real knowledge of classical singing technique from practictioner you can Sing like a Pro. I can make this process faster. 

Discover all the secrets of classical singers. Learn the Belcanto basic technique skills. 

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Here’s what you’ll learn in Classical Singing online course!

🎢 Unlock Your Full Singing Potential with My Comprehensive Singing Course! 🎢

Are you ready to take your singing skills to the next level and achieve vocal excellence? Whether you're an aspiring soloist or a dedicated choir member, my online course is your ticket to becoming the best singer you can be.

🌟 What Sets My Singing Course Apart? 🌟

βœ… Complete Singing Technique Mastery: My course leaves no stone unturned in your journey to vocal perfection. From relaxation techniques to mastering your breath, understanding resonance, and perfecting diction, we cover it all.

βœ… Solo and Choir Expertise: Whether you dream of dazzling as a solo performer or harmonizing beautifully within a choir, our course caters to both. You'll learn the intricacies of singing in solo and ensemble settings, ensuring you're versatile and confident in any musical scenario.

βœ… Repertoire Expansion: We don't just teach theory; I provide practical examples too! Dive into the world of vocal classics with in-depth guidance on preparing pieces like Vaccai, Arie Antique, Arie Sacre, and even renowned choral pieces. 

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Benefit #1

The basic classical singing knowledge based on my 25 years of experience.

All major elements of the singing technique  in formula:

How to sing in order to be successful.

Benefit #2

Step by step formula how to avoid mistakes and overcome stage fright?

How the get clear, resonating vibrant voice which will serve you for years formula?

How to sing the healthy way and how to get the voice back after overusing it?

Benefit #3

What is the key to choral and solo singing success?

Join the group of students facsoinated by slassical singing

Find suppurt and gaet life time acces to the course

Join the waiting list to be notified when this course opens!

About the Author

I am a classical singer and a vocal coach. I work with choir singers and soloists. I pay special attension to healthy singing and effectivenes of singing technique. My passion is mental preparation for performances and bussiness like thinking if you want to perform. I hope you will find lots of interesting stuff in my courses. See you on board.