Meet the most famous school of Classical Singing Nicola Vaccai- school of singing. You will get all the fundamental rules of classical singing, every singer should know  

I will explain all the details of each lesson, and why it is important and how to sing it properly. 

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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in How to sing Vaccai? - online course!

🎢 Unlock the Art of Singing with Confidence and Elegance: The Ultimate Vaccai Tutorial Series 🎢

Are you ready to master the timeless vocal techniques of Vaccai, renowned for producing exceptional singers with remarkable control and precision? Join our exclusive Vaccai Tutorial Series and embark on a journey that will transform your singing prowess.

🌟 What Makes Our Vaccai Tutorial Series Irresistible? 🌟

βœ… 22 Comprehensive Vaccai Lessons: Dive deep into the world of Vaccai with 22 meticulously crafted lessons, each designed to build upon the last. Uncover the secrets of this renowned method as you progress, step by step, towards vocal excellence.

βœ… Detailed Video Tutorials: Experience the magic of Vaccai as we guide you through each lesson in a format similar to our popular YouTube videos. Our engaging video tutorials make learning a joy, providing a visual and auditory experience that you'll love.

βœ… Piano Accompaniment for All Voices: Enjoy the luxury of singing to professionally recorded piano accompaniments that cater to low, middle, and high voices. Feel the thrill of performing with your own accompanist, enhancing your vocal practice.

βœ… Sheet Music for Every Lesson: Access the score for each Vaccai lesson, making it easy to follow along and perfect your technique. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips to become a confident and skilled singer.

βœ… Bonus Resources: Singn up for a waiting list, and you'll receive exclusive bonus resources, including vocal warm-up exercises and performance tips to elevate your singing abilities even further.

🎀 Join the Ranks of Elite Singers Who Have Perfected Their Craft with Vaccai! 🎀

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🎡 Unleash the full power of your voice, master the art of Vaccai, and become a singer of exceptional precision and elegance! 🎡

Seize this golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Vaccai and experience a transformation in your singing abilities. Join our Vaccai Tutorial Series and sing with confidence, control, and elegance like never before!

Master the Foundations #1

Learn how to master the foundational techniques of Vaccai, setting the stage for your journey to becoming an exceptional singer.

Elevate Your Vocal Artistry #2

Discover the secrets to infusing emotion and artistry into your singing, enabling you to deliver breathtaking performances that resonate with your audience.

Pursue Your Passion Professionally #3

Leverage your newfound Vaccai expertise to pursue a professional singing career, turning your passion for singing into a potentially lucrative and fulfilling profession.

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About the Author

I am a classical singer and a vocal coach. I work with choir singers and soloists. I pay special attension to healthy singing and effectivenes of singing technique. My passion is mental preparation for performances and bussiness like thinking if you want to perform. I hope you will find lots of interesting stuff in my courses. See you on board.